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Need to Hire An Experienced Custodian?

Photo of Kyle who is available for hire as experienced custodian

Experienced Custodian Looking for New Work Opportunity

With eight years of experience as a custodian under his belt, Kyle is available to start his next work opportunity in the janitorial industry. If your company is in need of a dependable custodian, contact Kaeleigh Husom at 360-428-0140, or email her at

Kyle spent eight years doing custodial work in hotels and office buildings. His favorite task is vacuuming. He has a welcoming and outgoing personality his previous coworkers describe as “bubbly”, and he is always willing to take initiative and be helpful.

In addition to custodial work, Kyle has worked as a barista at his high school’s coffee stand, and he took a cashiering course through Goodwill. He has also worked as a stock person, showing his ability to excel in many diverse environments when the right employer reaches out with an opportunity.

photo of Kyle who is ready to work for a company that needs to hire custodianOutside of work, Kyle loves fashion, spending time with his friends and family, Pokémon, Scooby Doo, and listening to Aaliyah, his favorite singer. He is a well-rounded guy who knows how to balance work and play.

Kyle easily adapts to new situations and environments, and he is skilled and dependable. Any employer would be lucky to have Kyle as an addition to their team.

For more information about how to schedule a meet & greet with Kyle, at no obligation to hire, please reach out to his Employment Specialist Kaeleigh Husom at 360-428-0140, or email her at

Even informational interviews provide our jobseekers and local employers with valuable experience.

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