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Call Us: (360) 428-0140

Opportunity Partners

Supporting our mission; Expanding our vision.

What is an Opportunity Partner?

An Opportunity Partner is a company that connects with and is interested in helping us further our mission. These partnerships focus on Chinook’s specific needs such as equipment, business services, or production, thus freeing up additional resources for mission-based services. 

Partnership Contribution: Graphics, Signage, Reputation Management..


Image360 generously updated all our auto graphics and signage to include our new tagline “Where Ability Meets Opportunity.” Tina and Tony Asp, provide exceptional local service, always with a smile (and often with a funny story). Thank you Tina and Tony— your team is amazingl! Thanks to Image360, our entire fleet of grounds, CES, and production vehicles are sporting updated branding and messaging into 2020 and beyond.

Jack Carroll's Skagit Hyundai

At the recommendation of board member Peter Browning, we reached out to Jack Carroll’s Skagit Hyundai to explore lease options to replace several aging vehicles used by our community employment team. To our delight, we were able to exchange three cars for three brand new Elantras and now have more control over our fleet costs. Every dollar saved is a dollar that will help increase opportunities for others! We are grateful!

Partnership Contribution: Three Affordable Car Leases

Leases help Chinook Enterprises manage auto-related expenses for its Community Employment Services team.