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One of the statistics we enjoy sharing with the business community is that our entry-level placements average a retention rate of 6 years – well above the national average. Many local business owners have discovered that hiring one of Chinook's employment candidates has been an efficient and effective business decision. We often use a technique called 'job carving' where we identify tasks within a person's job description that could be done by an entry-level employee. Those tasks then become the core duties of a new job (full-time or part-time). The original employee is freed up to spend more energy on core tasks essential to the business. A win-win. The video above, illustrates how job carving works in a typical scenario.

Best of all – our services are absolutely FREE.

It's our job to help you find dedicated people to help meet your business goals. After 37 years in business, helping make good matches is still the most exciting thing we do.

CARF_GoldSeal_CMYKChinook Enterprises was awarded a CARF Three-Year Accreditation for the following program services:

  • Community Employment Services
  • Employment Supports & Job Development
  • Employment Planning Services
  • Organizational Employment Services



Together, our employment specialists serve nearly 150 people annually. The job placements vary and depend on skill level and interest. Many positions are developed to increase efficiencies.  Jobs can be existing or developed, sometimes combining tasks pulled from one or more highly trained staff who earn a higher wage. Very often positions are part-time because for many people in our program, working part-time is a perfect fit, resulting in a win-win for employee and employer. The video below features Terry Hall, who has worked at Skagit Gardens for more than twenty years. In his case, thirty-one. In this video Terry was asked about how he feels about his job as well as to recall the person who helped him get an his first interview, Jim Halpin. This interview occurred two months before Jim's retirement from Chinook in 2017.

Employer Benefits

  • Tracking and production: Our staff has training in and technological tools to provide cost analysis, productivity tracking and education in the workplace.
  • Increased efficiency: Through the use of an extensive job and specific task analysis process, Chinook staff will work with you to identify positions that support your company needs.
  • Tax credits may also be available.
  • Long-Term Retention: Employees hired through Chinook Enterprises average a retention rate of 6 years – well above that national average for entry-level jobs.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: According to a national consumer survey, 87% of the public would give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.
  • Improved Corporate Culture: Companies report that workers with disabilities are dedicated, reliable and add value to company culture.
  • Your workplace will more closely mirror the diversity in your community.

Job Site Analysis

We are committed to developing a strong understanding of our employers. In order to find the right match, our Employment Services Staff provide the following services:

  • Consultation with the Business Owner/Manager
  • Detailed worksite observation
  • Analysis of the job responsibilities (our staff will work the job if needed)
  • Matching skills of appropriate candidates with job requirements


Applicant Screening

We work with people who are extremely diverse in their work skills, interests, and abilities. When a position has been identified through our job site analysis process, we screen from our list of applicants to find the most appropriate person for the job.

Our screening and matching process has resulted in hundreds of successful job placements in fields that include the following:

  • Aerospace mechanics
  • Industrial assembly
  • Office/Clerical
  • Data Entry
  • Retail Sales and Service
  • Hospitality
  • Food Service
  • Child Care
  • Landscape/Nursery

Coaching & Consultation

Our Employment Services Staff provides training and follow-up services that are tailored to each situation and individual.

  • One-on-One Job Coaching: Our professional staff will work with the business and the employee to help facilitate job site orientation, initial task training and ongoing support strategies to insure long term success.
  • Development of ‘Natural Supports’: Often times the key to long term success is the development of simple day to day support from co-workers for the worker with a disability.
  • Accommodation: When needed, job site accommodations are often minor, inexpensive and can be implemented in cooperation with the employer. Such accommodations often make the jobs easier for the employee.
  • Follow-up Services: Once the employee is successfully working independently, Chinook staff stays in contact with the employer on any needs that might arise such as problem solving, retraining, and/or help with performance appraisal.


"It is a great opportunity not only for our employees referred by Chinook, but for all of us as well."

— Andrea Lowden, Manager, Costco

"Your quick solution-oriented responses, along with your positive approach, is what makes this collaboration a great success. It is truly a pleasure working with your agency!"

— Shirley Chu, Early Learning Director, YMCA

"With Chinook's help we hired Chad, who is an incredible inspiration. Warm hearted, happy-go-lucky, and eager to please, are just a few of his many qualities. I appreciate Chinook’s continued willingness to work with Chad to keep him here with us at Skyline."

— Kelly Larkin, General Manager, Skyline Marine Center