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Call Us: (360) 428-0140

Vocational Services

We can help you find your next great job!


Are you having trouble finding meaningful work due to illness, injury or disability? We can help! 
Learn more about our process to help you find your next great job.

It’s our job to provide assistance and support for your journey and career success. We thrive on gaining a complete understanding of your vision for your future, and helping you create and follow a path to achieve it. Our skilled staff will provide career guidance, training, and follow up services. Each career plan is tailored to your specific situation and individual needs. Our dedicated team will ensure opportunities in your new career direction are a good match for you.


Our qualified employment specialists serve over 150 people annually. Jobs vary depending on skill level and interest but ALL are integrated positions paid at competitive wages. Our services are available to people with disabilities and other barriers who live in Skagit County

We work with several funding sources including:

  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Development Disabilities Administration
  • Disability Services for the Blind
  • Mount Vernon High School
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It is important to take time to get to know and understand the person referred for services. This is often done through meeting with the person and his or her family members to discuss the person’s interests, attributes, hobbies, hopes and dreams.

  • ASSESSMENT OF INTERESTS AND SKILLS: Interest tests and skill inventories are used when needed to help an individual specifically identify a vocational interest. Paid job tryouts are then used to allow the individual to experience a job helping to determine the specific vocational goal.
  • JOB DEVELOPMENT: A team of employment services staff is available to identify job opportunities in the business community that match the interests and skills of the worker.
  • JOB SITE ANALYSIS: When a specific job opening is found, Chinook’s employment staff work hard to ensure a quality job match by providing the worker with the following services:
    • Introduction to and consultation with the business owner/manager.
    • Detailed worksite observations to ensure a safe and supportive work environment.
    • Analysis of the specific job responsibilities (our staff will work the job if needed).
    • Identification and remediation of any work related barriers that may be present (scheduling, transportation, etc.).


Our Employment Services Staff provides training and follow-up services that are tailored to each situation and individual.

  • ONE-ON-ONE JOB COACHING:  Our professional staff will work with the business and the employee to help facilitate job site orientation, initial task training and ongoing support strategies to ensure long term success.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF “NATURAL SUPPORTS”: Often times the key to long term success is the development of simple day to day support from co-workers for the worker with a disability.  Staff will assist the worker in understanding the company culture, and becoming a part of an effective work team.
  • ACCOMMODATION:  Professional staff will help the worker with any job site accommodations that may be needed to ensure success. Such accommodations are often minor, and could be related to areas such as task performance or communication and socialization in the workplace.
  • FOLLOW-UP SERVICES:  Once the employee is working independently, Chinook staff stays in contact with the worker and the employer on any needs that might arise such as problem solving, retraining, and/or help with performance appraisal.


  • PERSONALIZED PROCESS: Each person is treated as an individual every step of the way, from job discovery to skill building, you drive the process!
  • CARING, EXPERIENCED STAFF: Our staff is committed to the belief that everyone has the right to work. We are here to listen, problem solve and encourage you to reach your full potential.
  • LOCAL KNOWLEDGE: For over 30 years, we have made it a priority to be actively involved in our community through partnering and supporting the businesses of Skagit County. Our department’s staff pull from a wide range of educational and career backgrounds to provide  you with the best service possible.
  • SUPPORT: Once you start working, our staff will provide one-on-one training and follow-up services that are tailored to each situation and individual.





Renee Silva
Community Employment Services Manager

Kayla Cruz

Kayla Cruz
Community Employment Services Coordinator

Heidi Murphy
Community Employment Services
Quality Assurance Coordinator

Taite Wiebe

Taite Stewart-Wiebe
Lead Employment Specialist

Em Waters
Lead Employment Specialist

Kaeleigh Husom
Employment Specialist

Caleb Gatica Cortez
Employment Specialist

Lakrisha Spencer
Employment Specialist

Haleigh Green
Employment Specialist

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Employment Specialist

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Employment Specialist

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Employment Specialist

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Employment Specialist

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Audrey Dawson
Employment Specialist