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Success Spotlight: John’s First Day on the Job

Photo of a smiling John at Walgreens where he got his first job

John Lands First Job at Walgreens in Burlington

We are thrilled to report that John has just begun his first job, after looking for work for five years.

John recently started working at WalgreePhoto of a smiling John at Walgreens where he got his first jobns in Burlington after several weeks spent practicing the skills and tasks associated with retail environments. Burlington Walgreens has been a long-time resource to Chinook’s customers for skills development as well as job placement. We have used their store as a practice ground for several of our customers who went on to get jobs elsewhere.

But in John’s case, Walgreens realized they needed someone to help manage outdated products. Since John was already comfortable with their store and staff, he turned out to be the perfect choice for this job. Walgreens supported John as he went through the application process, and has been flexible in building out a schedule that works for him.

John is a details guy. He loves organizing things, and he is a quick learner with a wide variety of office and in-store skills. He likes to work and move quickly through his tasks, always looking for the next item to complete. This self-motivation, combined with his other abilities and successful skills development, has resulted in him landing his first-ever job. He is so excited to be joining the workforce and helping maintain an organized store.

And don’t hesitate to say ‘hi’ to John when you shop at Burlington Walgreens, and know that you are supporting a business that values inclusion.

Congratulations John!

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