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Chinook Set to Begin REDF Accelerator

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Chinook Accepted to REDF 2023 Accelerator Program

Last year when Chinook’s Business Development Officer Séan Dwyer started at Chinook Enterprises, we were introduced to the REDF (Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) and how they invest in employment social enterprises (ESEs) like Chinook.

Within months we completed the requirements to join the long list of agencies supported by REDF and recently learned we were accepted into the REDF Accelerator, starting this Summer 2023!

As Associate Director of REDF Accelerator Yodit Beyene says about Chinook CEO Nikki Wegner and the other 17 organization leaders entering the program this year, “These individuals are passionate about serving their communities through their businesses and have the drive and determination to succeed.”

Since 1997, REDF has invested in more than 280 employment social enterprises in 38 states and DC. Altogether these partnerships have led to 86,000 people entering the workforce and generating more than $1.6 billion in revenue. The ripple effect of that revenue strengthens families and communities and helps build an economy that works. For everyone.

The REDF Accelerator is a five-month program for leaders of employment social enterprises to develop and test strategies to grow their businesses and increase the number of good jobs they create. At the conclusion of the program, each enterprise receives a grant to implement strategies and activate ideas. They also get to join the national REDF Community of leading employment social enterprises for ongoing learning.

Nikki Wegner will be participating during July-November along with a cohort of social enterprise leaders and working diligently to bring back these ideas to experiment at Chinook in new ways. She will use what she learns from REDF to continue building upon Chinook’s solid foundation and expanding our missional aligned impact on businesses and customers following the path of our 10-year strategic vision.

We are so excited to innovate, inspired by actions of thought leaders who help individuals gain employment across our nation. Thank you REDF for your commitment to Chinook!

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