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Chinook Achieves Boeing Premier Bidder Status

Chinook Attains Premier Bidder Status

In an effort to reward its top suppliers, Boeing rolled out its latest supplier perk: The Premier Bidder Program.

The program is designed to strengthen collective performance by recognizing and rewarding consistently high-performing suppliers like Chinook Enterprises. Boeing launched the initiative after careful study and consideration of industry-leading programs.

Program creators interviewed a cross-section of Boeing’s supply base and incorporated feedback directly into the program strategy. A key objective of the program is to motivate suppliers to continue performing at the highest level possible. Outcomes will also provide valuable insight into a variety of supply chain topics. 

Ultimately, the Premier Bidder Program increases each supplier participant’s opportunity to grow, which is the most exciting aspect to Chinook’s production staff. “We are very excited to be invited into this exclusive program,” said Tom Williams, Production Manager, “The Premier Bidder Program is one of several initiatives that reinforce the fact that Boeing values its suppliers.”

According to the ‘invitation to join’ letter from Janene Collins, Vice President, Plan/Source, Supply Chain, “Chinook Enterprises elevated itself from the rest by maintaining a high level of performance in support of the Boeing Production System.” 

Chinook production staff will soon attend Boeing’s upcoming Premier Bidder Conference where they’ll learn supply chain competitive bid activity, have the ability to meet and interact with key leaders of the Boeing supply chain team and gain access to topics and discussions relevant to the supply chain.

“This program couldn’t have come at a better time for us,” said Williams. “We intend to take full advantage.”

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