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Chinook Presents at Women in Aerospace Conference

WIA conference

WIA conference

At the Women in Aerospace conference on May 20 in Tukwila, Chinook had the opportunity to present about “5 Steps to Inclusion”, where we discussed our vision of attainable, actionable steps toward a more productive, diverse workplace.

David WilderOn stage was veteran toastmaster David Wilder (pictured) who works as a production technician, Tamie Santos who works as a production planner, and Nikki Wegner, CEO of Chinook. We had so much fun sharing proven strategies that can work in any business and made lots of new friends and connections with employers who are committed to inclusion!

The WIA conference attendees gained a new understanding of ‘supported employment,’ which is what Chinook provides for individuals with disabilities.

We led them through the five steps to bringing such individuals into their workplaces so that everyone succeeds and grows. These steps include:

1. Job Analysis

We look at the position, assess the tasks and responsibilities the job requires, and then identify any barriers that might inhibit our customers from being able to successfully do the job. Once identified, we work on a plan to overcome those barriers.

2. Job Proposal and Customized Employment

Next, we propose to the company how that position can be customized to accommodate a potential new employee we have matched for that position. Sometimes, that requires one of our employment specialists to be onsite to help with communication, orientation, or to help with things like transportation. All this will be in the proposal.

3. Working Interview

Next, Chinook helps during the interview process so the employer can navigate any communication barriers with the individual being interviewed.

4. Supported Employment

On a case by case basis, once an individual with disabilities is hired, Chinook then implements the customized employment plan. We work with the employer to make sure the arrangement works well for everyone. The new employee knows what is expected and how to perform their job duties, and the employer has a clear understanding of the accommodations that will ensure a positive experience.

5. Employee Retention

Once the employee has become familiarized with the job and the work it entails, Chinook offers ongoing support, as needed, to produce long term stability and success.

This 5-step process is the reason why employees from Chinook experience an average length of employment of 8.6 years in entry-level positions, compared to just 1.3 years for the national average.

Our approach gives the employer a reliable long-term employee, and it gives the employee a source of income, a place to contribute, a renewed sense of purpose and belonging, and a job they can perform with excellence.

If your business is looking to hire new workers, you might find the perfect employee from Chinook.

Reach out to an employment specialist if you have any open positions.