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One Tootsie Roll at a Time

Making a Difference One Tootsie Roll at a Time

Earlier this month Rob Martin received a phone call. The caller told him something that surprised him: “We raised $2,500 for Chinook Enterprises and we’d like to schedule a time to drop off the check.”

The gentleman who called was Gary Cloninger, Grand Knight from the Knights of Columbus in Stanwood.

How did Cloninger and his fellow Knights raise $2,500 for people with disabilities? One tootsie roll at a time…that’s how.

“It was an amazing phone call,” commented Rob Martin. “We had no idea they were fundraising on our behalf!”

The Knights of Columbus have been using Tootsie Rolls to help raise money for charities for years. “We stand outside grocery stores and give away Tootsie Rolls with a special message on the wrapper,” said Cloninger. “People take the candy and when they come out of the store, they very often make a donation. It adds up after awhile!”

Gary Cloninger, Richard Chaviarrie, and Sal Cuilty delivered the check in person and took a tour of Chinook Enterprises during their visit earlier this month.

The monies will be set aside to help pay for ‘unfunded services,’ which are services that are needed to help someone who doesn’t qualify for government assistance.