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Kathy Thomson Retires After 20-Year Career

Kathy Thomson
Kathy Thomson and Sunshine
Kathy Thomson and Board Member Sunshine Allen at 2018 Burlington Chamber Awards Banquet

Kathy Thomson started her career at Chinook Enterprises in 2001 under the leadership of its founder Rob Martin. Over the years, Kathy became a pivotal part of the inner workings of every department within Chinook. So much so, that she was often referred to as the organization’s ‘backbone.’

At her virtual retirement gathering, staff and board members alike shared their great admiration through tears and laughter for a woman who has ‘always been there’ to make life easier for others. “We know it will be tough not having Kathy to fall back on,” said Board Member, Tom Doughty, “But we’ll learn. Truly, we couldn’t be happier for her. It’s her time now.”

When asked about what she will miss most, Kathy shared “I will miss the people: both co-workers and those we serve. I was lucky to be able to walk in any department and be part of the team. I always felt like there was a culture of openness and freedom to be ourselves. Humor has been a big part of the organization, and since I am able to laugh at myself, we were able to laugh often.”

Kathy ended with: “I’m looking forward to calling my time my own. I don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, I can pick up something to read or start a project, and not worry about getting to work on time!”

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