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Call Us: (360) 428-0140

Jewelry From Ann’s Hands

From Ann’s Hands to your jewelry box

Ann Argyle has been designing and creating jewelry for many years. Her desire to create fun, unique, quality pieces for others to enjoy, blossomed into a small jewelry business located in Skagit County, Washington. From Ann’s Hands jewelry offerings are strongly supported by local retailers across the county.

From Ann’s Hands is a brand that truly reflects Ann, who is non-linguistic and communicates primarily via gestures. Ann also has mobility challenges and relies on others to assist her in some stages of jewelry production as well as transportation.

Ann could not have successfully transitioned to the role as business owner, had it not been for the teamwork of many caring individuals.

Please visit our wonderful retail partners:
In Mount Vernon; Embellish, The Cottage Salon, Haggen, Chinook Enterprises, and Skagit Valley Gardens. In Burlington at Pretty Simple and Haggen Food Stores.

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