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Our Vision for the Next 10 Years

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Mapping Our Vision for the Next 10 Years at Chinook

Last summer, Chinook’s team gathered and began processing what we would need to create and implement a three-year strategic plan. How should Chinook continue delivering its services post-pandemic?

It became clear very early that we first needed to nail down our long range vision for the future – Chinook’s ‘mountaintop’ – and then outline the strategic goals that will support that climb.

With help from Tim Corey from Colibri Facilitation, and inspired by Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, our board and management team spent many hours in-person and on Zoom working through our “brutal facts.” This helped us map out where we are and the tools on our belt.

We continued this process during a fall retreat at the Swinomish, where the board and staff plotted and planned for where we need to be in ten years if we are going to fulfill our goal of serving our customers and community and achieving full inclusion.

After listening and working with staff, funders, customers, and contractors, we have distilled our ten-year vision down to eight key areas where Chinook can continue ascending. You can see the eight areas summarized below or look at the graphic for more detail.

graphic showing chinook's 8 part plan for the next ten years helping people with disabilities get jobs in Skagit County region


  1. Offering Premier Services 

Become a one-stop resource with trend-setting services and wraparound support for underemployed and unemployed individuals with barriers in Skagit Valley and the greater surrounding region.

  1. Creating Partners in Diverse Sectors  

Expand relationships around the region so our partners can access the greatest variety of opportunities.

  1. Maintaining Financial Health 

Sustain and build financial solvency, health, and profitability through additional revenue streams, fundraising, grant writing, and by working with contractors who recognize, understand, and are willing to pay for recurring, quality services.

  1. Promoting Engaged Staff & Culture 

Cultivate a staff culture that is collaborative, engaged, and skilled, and that reflects our diverse community.

  1. Leadership & Board 

Develop a diverse board and leadership team that embodies servant leadership, listens to new ideas, and fosters communication, culture, and innovation that makes us known for our impact in the community.

  1. Advertising & Marketing

Become a renowned household name known for our values and impact in the industry and community, by using diverse media formats to spotlight customer successes and opportunities for partnership.

  1. Technology, Tools & Equipment 

Use advanced tools and equipment that enable growth and produce high quality products and services.

  1. Work Environment/Accessible Space 

Perform our work in professional and accessible spaces where we can operate with room to grow throughout the region.

What’s Next?

Our next task as we build for the future is to dive into planning the next three years so we can work toward seeing this ten-year vision become reality.


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