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Hiring for Part-Time Food Service or Custodial

Photo of job seeker Alex looking for part-time work

Have a Part-Time Employment Opportunity in Custodial or Food Services?

Alex is looking for fulfilling part-time employment as he begins his journey in adulthood. He is an incredibly kind, detail-oriented, and hard-working person who is eager to use the skills he’s developed at his previous unpaid experiences to get his first hard-earned paycheck.

Alex successfully completed the Burlington based Adult Transition to Independence Center (ATTIC) program just last year in 2022. Being in an education setting so recently means that Alex is a part of the next generation of hard-working students who navigated learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and came out on the other side strong and determined to get out into the community.

During the pandemic he was fortunate to complete a variety of work internships through ATTIC. He gained experience performing custodial tasks for local businesses as well as food services. His favorite role was in the two opportunities he had assisting kitchen staff at Applebee’s, in the back of the house.

Alex may be a little reserved at first, but he truly enjoys working with others and finding ways in which he can help people. As a young job seeker, Alex has the Chinook team by his side to help him navigate new experiences such as formal interviews, onboarding, and training for his anticipated new job. As he is starting out, Alex is looking for part-time work to help him grow. Alex is a bright young mind who is looking to both learn new skills and build on what he knows.

By recommending Alex for a local job, or supporting Chinook, it allows Chinook to support more employers to hire diverse job seekers like Alex. Chinook and local employers like you have a unique opportunity to impact diversity and inclusion in Skagit Valley and change a person’s life by utilizing their talents and skills in a job setting.

This amazing collaboration creates an inclusive, diverse workplace, improves teamwork and morale, and lowers employee turnover.

For more information about how to meet Alex, email Em at or call us at 360-428-0140. 

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