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Call Us: (360) 428-0140
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We believe everyone needs a place to connect and contribute…to feel valued and appreciated… and for most of us, that means a job.

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We Are a Social Enterprise

We are a non-profit designed to operate as a business, but with a social mission: Supporting full participation in community life for people with disabilities or other barriers. Full participation must start with successful employment.

Chinook’s customer base consists of five diverse groups:

  1. Manufacturing companies, like Boeing, who purchase assembled goods
  2. Organizations who pay us to maintain their grounds
  3. Government agencies who pay us to provide support services
  4. Eligible job seekers who we assist in finding and maintaining employment
  5. Employers who hire people we assist

Our revenue is used to self-fund our mission.

Chinook recently wrapped up a 2021 Strategic Planning Session generating a goals under the theme of: Expanding Programs, Populations and Partnerships.

The process was vigorous, from collecting surveys on feedback, to conducting listening sessions with stakeholders and reviewing results with staff, managers and our Board of Directors. Finally, the visual of our “2021 Voyage: Rafting the river-Envisioning the Future” was born.

Many thanks to Tim Colibri of Colibri Facilitation and Skagit County for making this possible. Chinookians set ambitious goals to journey forward, despite the rocky terrain that COVID has meant.

Given our mission-driven staff, stellar community support and epic customers, we are excited to expand our reach and influence in our community!

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100% of your donation goes directly toward supporting un- and under-funded employment services for people in Skagit County

I appreciate the work you do…it definitely gives one a greater understanding of how a job can make a difference in life—especially when it’s not easy to do.  It opened my eyes to the barriers some people face and how an advocate can really make a difference.

Kenn SebastianHR Field Specialist, Haggen Food Stores, Mount Vernon


Our Employment Services Staff provides training and follow-up services tailored to each individual. We take the time to get to know and understand each customer’s goals, personal interests, hopes, and dreams.

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Chinook Enterprises provides hiring assistance, employee screening, training, assessment and follow-up services free of charge. We are committed to developing a strong understanding of our employer clients, in order to find the right match for them.

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Our award-winning assembly and manufacturing services help fund our mission and are what make us a social enterprise. We offer a multitude of services to our manufacturing clients and our list continues to grow. No job is too difficult or complex. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business. We are ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified in our Aerospace Production Division.

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Our Grounds and Landscaping Maintenance Division has provided exceptional year-round commercial landscaping and maintenance services in Skagit County since 1980. Every week our division team cares for more than 12 facilities comprising more than 850 acres a week!

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