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Help Us Win 50,000 for Wheels to Work

Wheels to Work

We are thrilled to participate in BECU’s People’s Choice Awards and to receive $15,000 to better serve our customers. Chinook now has the opportunity to receive an additional grant worth $50,000, but we need your help!

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VOTING DEADLINE: November 14th

The additional $50,000 in funding would be earmarked for a new innovative program called Wheels to Work. The early stages of Wheels to Work would involve research, planning, and identifying ways to provide accessible transportation alternatives to people with disabilities. The goal would be to provide transportation to and from employment as well as health care appointments.

In Skagit County, there are many people who do not have access to transportation. They either can’t drive, don’t have reliable transportation, or live off the bus/SKAT route. Also, many employment opportunities are not accessible via public transportation routes.

To address this longstanding transportation problem, the Wheels to Work program would be used to research and implement programming to provide greater transportation equity for individuals with disabilities across Skagit County, in order to positively impact employment outcomes.

Eye-opening statistics that apply to working-age people (18 – 64):

  • While three-quarters of non-disabled people age 18 to 64 are able to work, only one-fifth of their disabled counterparts work full or part-time due to travel-limiting disabilities.
  • Slightly over 50% of people with disabilities live in households with annual household incomes under $25,000 versus 15 percent of people without disabilities.
  • Twelve percent of disabled workers live in zero-vehicle households.


About BECU’s People Helping People Awards:

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