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Chinook Welcomes New Program Director, Chani Hines

Chani Hines Director, Program Services

Chinook Enterprises welcomes Chani Hines as Director, Program Services.

Chani HinesThe new year brings forth an opportunity for innovative change at Chinook as Chani Hines accepts the position of Director, Program Services to guide the department responsible for mission-centric services.

“Chani brings a fresh perspective and direction to this vital role,” said CEO, Steve Reed, “It’s a great opportunity for Chinook and could not have come at a better time.”

Chani devoted the last 22 years to developing programs, policies, and initiatives that help organizations achieve their short and long-term goals, initially with the US Navy and later as a business consultant.

She advanced quickly in the Navy, completed executive leadership courses with Harvard Business, and completed an MBA in 2012.  Chani put her skills, training, and talents to good use helping non-profits, start-ups, small and mid-sized companies, local governments, and multinational corporations tackle challenges and drive change.

Over the last six months, Chani worked at Chinook as an Employment Specialist learning from her customers, peers and community members about unmet needs like additional competitive employment opportunities and the importance of quality social activity options to help people realize their interests and passionately pursue their potential.

In her new position, Chani vows to continue to put customers first and drive change that results in real value and impact for our community.  “We must ask ourselves what each of us has to offer and what we’ll commit to doing to bring our community’s vision for our collective future into reality.  The “perfect time” is now.  Let’s show up and show out, for each other.”

Chani brings this passion to serve and continually challenge her personal mindset to bear in her new role, “The best thing in the world is watching someone self-actualize and witnessing that transformation.  To tap human potential, we just need to create a little space and watch what happens.”