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A Message from our Executive Director Steve Reed

It is my honor to be writing my first opening letter in Chinook’s annual report. A year ago, when I began looking for a position in the Pacific Northwest, I never imagined I’d find my dream job as president and CEO of Chinook Enterprises.

In January of 2019, I stepped forward to fill the shoes of beloved founder and president emeritus, Rob Martin. After 39 years of giving his all to an organization that continues to make a difference, Rob publicly passed the reigns to me during a community celebration at McIntyre Hall. It was a night we’ll never forget and was a fitting tribute to Rob’s legacy.

In January we also addressed our first major challenge: A change in the prevailing wage law that occurred in the summer of 2018, threatened the viability of our Grounds Maintenance Division in the coming months. Along with our Board of Directors and Rob Martin’s invaluable guidance, we formulated a plan of action that not only saved everyone’s jobs. Details on this exciting accomplishment can be read in the Grounds Maintenance section of this report.

After clearing the first hurdle of the year, we were able to refocus on the leadership transition and crafting our strategic plan for future growth and mission expansion. My first priority was to gain a clear understanding of each department’s challenges, successes, and visions for the future.

Taking a broader perspective, we took some time to address three questions: How can we help people with barriers achieve their full potential? How can we help our community achieve its full potential to become more accessible and inclusive? How will the world change in 5, 10, or 20 years as a result of our contribution?

When we step back to answer questions of how to do more, we realize we also need to be more. In order to be more, we need to expand and diversify our assembly and manufacturing capabilities. Diversification efforts are taking first priority in terms of our production client base, product offerings and industries served. I look forward to sharing our 2019 efforts and successes in next year’s report.

In my short time here, I have discovered the most valuable asset Chinook Enterprises holds is held within the hearts and minds of its committed team, supportive families, and community. I am truly honored to work with such a quality staff and Board of Directors. Following a thoughtful strategic plan, we are crafting a vision for our future as we strive for inclusion and accessibility for all.